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Where do I start? - This, or something similar, is the question that people often ask themselves when they are a bit overwhelmed. If the question relates to climate protection, we advise you to start within your own four walls!

Often we are not even aware of how many emissions are caused by the operation of our buildings alone and how many possibilities there are to achieve fewer emissions simply by using the right technical building equipment. As a full-service provider in building technology, we have therefore made it our mission to enable a building that is as decarbonised as possible for our customers and to successively expand our portfolio of climate-neutral solutions.


From the bottom to the top - the building is sustainable all round in operation

A building that is intelligent thanks to its automation, almost seems alive and draws the necessary energy from its own roof - What sounds like expensive bells and whistles is actually more sustainable in everyday operation than the conventional way-to-go when it comes to technically equipping a building.

The automation of light, room temperature and heating makes energy consumption more flexible, which means that consumption adjusts to the energy demand. Minor mishaps such as accidentally turning on the light or the heating are prevented, as light switches as well as radiators are no longer needed after an all-round automation of the building. At the same time, all emission data is automatically recorded and documented. With our solutions, you always have an overview of the building's emissions.

Saving electricity and heating costs - with the help of the sun, you are well provided for

On more and more roofs, we are installing rows and rows of panels that produce abundant electricity with the power of the sun. With the right storage and use, it is theoretically even possible to completely cut yourself off from the conventional electricity grid. In addition, self-produced electricity is enormously worthwhile in view of the current situation, as one is less dependent on the electricity grid and can accordingly reduce electricity costs significantly. In addition, the electricity can also be used to operate the heat pump in the building, which ultimately means that heating costs can also be saved.

Buntweberei administration building in Eislingen - decarbonised pioneer in the region

For over a year now, we have been at home in the Buntweberei in Eislingen - the place to be that combines fun and experience, health and enjoyment, business and networking. It also combines the potential of digitalisation and sustainability. The building in Eislingen is wirelessly networked, has locks that can be opened via mobile phone and the room control works via our appropriately developed app. Depending on your needs, lights can be dimmed, temperatures adjusted or blinds raised or lowered. Room and workstation bookings are also possible via our LuCas app.


Salvia Gebäudetechnik - We look to a sustainable future

As a convinced provider of sustainable solutions, we are focusing on decarbonisation and are increasingly adapting all our branches to the standard of the colourful weaving mill. Internally, we also pay attention to the little things that also contribute to the protection of our planet, freely according to the motto "small livestock also makes manure". These include sourcing fruit from the region, using water filters and bubblers at the tap for drinking water and separating waste. From our point of view, what we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.