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A Selection of Our Projects

The Proof for our exceptional competence

  • Dorotheen Quartier Stuttgart

  • Dorotheen Quartier Stuttgart

    The Dorotheen Quartier creates a new hub in Stuttgart's centre. Between the Old Palace, the Town Hall, and the Market Hall, the city is getting back a central quarter that history once snatched away from it. Three newly constructed building units will house upmarket shops, bars, restaurants, and lounges as well as high-quality offices and flats.

    The Dorotheen Quartier will not expand the Breuninger company. It is solely about the attractiveness of the environment in which the company's history began.

  • Büro- und Geschäftsgebäude TaunusTurm Frankfurt

  • TaunusTurm office and commercial building Frankfurt

    Even at the planning stage of the 170-metre-high skyscraper with around 60,000 square metres of office space, the goal was to keep energy consumption and emissions as low as possible, so the "TaunusTurm" is already considered an exemplary low-energy project that sets new standards in terms of sustainability.

    The so-called "Green Building" will have a stone façade and will be certified according to the international "LEED" standard. Above all, individual office lighting ensures an excellent environmental balance.

  • Axel Springer Haus Berlin

  • Axel Springer Haus Berlin

    In 2020, the new Axel Springer office building was completed on the site in the heart of the former newspaper district and along the former Berlin Wall. A new place of encounter and cooperation was created over a construction period of 3 years.

    On the approximately 10,000 square metre site, the 13-storey building is characterised by a 45 metre high atrium and interconnecting terraces, glass walls, and bridges. In total, more than 52,000 square metres are available for 3,500 employees.

  • Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

  • Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

    One of Hamburg’s landmarks – the Elbphilharmonie was completed in 2016. The foundation is the former Kaiserspeicher A, which was used as a warehouse until the end of the last century. Today, the glass façade of the 110m high concert hall rises above the red brock walls of the warehouse.