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Design & Project management

Comprehensive solutions and ideas by passion

From the design to the realized commissioning, we consistently provide comprehensive and optimal solutions for all costumer-specific requirements/challenges, by passion.

Our tools and methods for the execution and installation of all necessary energy and safety installations always strive towards absolute costumer satisfaction. We implement these with professional advice in all matters on time and reliably to the point.

Flexible project management can help control changes to the design if they occur during the duration of the project.




Expert Teams

The qualifications of our employees are bundled in expert teams to ensure all expectations of functional building technology.

With the appropriate industry know-how, we can master challenging tasks innovatively with a love of design.




With us, there is service every day and our incentive is that our costumers get better every day.

We not only wire power sources and safety technology, but with our modular system, we can offer our customers maintenance concepts as needed.