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Salvia Elektrotechnik GmbH has been awarded the ELMAR 2015 as the brand prize of the German electrical industry among 70,000 electrical companies for outstanding quality and brand work.

The initiative "Elektromarken. Strong Partners" initiative annually awards the ELMAR to companies that are masters of their craft and convince with innovative brand concepts and extraordinary brand awareness.

"We pay our daily dues to the Salvia brand with a wide range of activities," states Filippo Salvia as managing partner. Salvia continues: "Through our technology platform "Energy with Reason" alone, we have manifested our brand values such as reliability, innovation, safety, and service as added value for our customers. This is a sign of quality to which we are committed by tradition. We are making sustainable investments in a new, digital technology centre in Eislingen, expanding our locations with cross-sectional functions, and consciously living our brand essence in everyday business."

The brand core of Salvia Elektrotechnik GmbH helps Salvia customers to do better business, exploits all development potential, strengthens the binding, on-time completion as well as commissioning of power systems, and delivers safe and efficient power supply with professional, pragmatic perfection.

Salvia Elektrotechnik GmbH's expertise, combined with individual customer benefits, positions and differentiates the company as a system provider that will continue to make intelligent use of all opportunities in the future, drive forward further networking, and identify with the people and values behind the Salvia brand.

Filippo Salvia puts it in a nutshell: "We listen to our customers and realise their dreams, wishes, and visions. Our employees are a sworn community in the sense of the Salvia brand and we promote this intensively."