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Together We Are Strong!

Shared experiences weld people together. This was evident at this year's trainee meeting on 10-11 September. On these two days, more than 110 trainees from Eislingen, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Sinsheim, Hoffenheim, Borken, and Munich gathered at our location in Borken. The trainers and the management were also there.
Under the motto "Together we are strong!" the new Salvia generation was trained in the area of safety, introduced to each other to the seven different apprenticeships. Additionally, the new generation was informed by the responsible trainers and the management about the areas of company health management, general processes, and the goals and visions of the Salvia group of companies.
We are particularly proud of the diverse personal commitment of our trainees, 30 commendations, 52 A's in total, and a straight-A in the grade average. That was worth 56 shopping vouchers and an iPad for the best trainee of the year.
To round off the day, the participants spent the evening in a brewery in Cologne. It was the perfect opportunity to toast their success and a birthday together after the eventful day.
The participants had a lot of fun on the second day at Phantasialand in Cologne. In addition to enjoying wild roller coaster rides and delicious snacks, the cohesion of the group was also strengthened here.

We are proud of the new Salvia generation and look forward to a successful collaboration and further meetings of this kind!