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The car of tomorrow will be climate-neutral. Tomorrow? By then, it could already be too late for the environment! For us, climate protection is not an empty phrase but an integral part of our daily lived company philosophy. As a future-oriented electrical engineering company, climate-neutral mobility has been an important item on our agenda for years. That's why we literally take the wheel when it comes to sustainability and increasingly use electric cars as company vehicles at Salvia Building Technologies.


We go full throttle when it comes to sustainability

Taking a deep breath in the big city? No way! Particulate matter and CO₂ emissions from road traffic reduce air quality enormously. They are a major burden on people and the environment. Nevertheless, climate change and its consequences have long been an unloved topic for the automotive industry. The fact is: the energy transition also requires a mobile transformation!

For the transport sector, this means: change must be seen as an opportunity and conventional combustion engines must be replaced by climate-friendly drives. This has already happened at our company: At our new company headquarters, there are seven charging stations where employees can conveniently charge their electric company cars.


Not only good for the conscience: these are the advantages of electric cars

Electric cars have an emission-free environmental balance. Therefore, not only private individuals but especially companies have a responsibility and can make a far-reaching contribution to the energy transition and climate protection with electrically powered company vehicles. By the way, electric cars not only have numerous advantages for the environment:

Long Range
It is a widespread myth that you can only drive short distances with an electrically powered vehicle. More and more electric cars have real-world ranges of up to 400 kilometres and even longer. Depending on the battery size, longer distances can therefore also be covered without any problems.

Neutrale Carbon Footprint
Of course, e-cars are only as clean as the electricity they run on. That's why we take special care to ensure that our company cars run on green electricity that is produced cleanly. By the way: the longer the distance you drive with your e-car, the faster you compensate for the CO₂ emissions caused by the production of the respective vehicle.

Many Charging Stations
Conventional filling stations are easy to find, but the development of electric charging points into the fast-charging infrastructure has also been enormously advanced in recent years. There is now a well-developed charging network in German cities in line with the growing demand. And with the charging points at our company headquarters, shortages are no longer an issue anyway!

Long-Lasting Battery
Here, too, there was scepticism about the new technology for a long time: How reliable and long-term is the drive battery of an e-car? Extensive tests have shown that the batteries deliver what they promise. Most manufacturers give an eight-year warranty on the battery, with larger batteries generally lasting longer because they need to charge less often. 


Salvia Building Technologies - an employer who is already thinking about tomorrow today

Mobility plays an important role in many areas of life, including the way to work. Is sustainability important to you, and do you want to get to work and home by car with a clear conscience? We think that's great and make exactly that possible with our electric vehicle fleet. Together with our employees, we are already focusing on innovative mobility solutions for tomorrow. All in line with the motto: The future succeeds together!