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BGM, that is the abbreviation for corporate health management in the company. But we at Salvia Building Technologies have nothing to do with abbreviations; we prefer to got the "extra-mile" when it comes to promoting the health of our employees. Under the leadership of BGM manager Laura Mollo, we have established systematic health management in our company and put the satisfaction of our employees in their daily work at the top of the list. Here we would like to provide a little insight behind the scenes and show why we do what we do.

Why, actually?

Quite simply: for the sake of health. Because not only because of demographic change but also given the worldwide corona pandemic, companies should put the topic of health management at the top of their agenda. Changing working conditions on the construction site, as well as the shift to home offices, are increasing the strain on employees. This calls for a stronger focus on workplace health promotion. At Salvia Gebäudetechnik, we have long since internalised the mindfulness for healthy employees - and in the end, every individual benefits from this!


The Advantage at a glance

Of course, it is the responsibility of every individual to take care of their health. But in the work environment, this is not always possible as an individual, which is why we see and take the responsibility seriously with us as an employer. The tireless commitment at all levels and the continuous improvement of our occupational health management has already contributed to numerous positive changes:


  • BGM- Working Group "Health"

Regular exchange on the topic of health

  • Flexible Working Hours

Better work-life balance, more opportunities for self-determination

  • Ergonomic Workplace Desgin

Back pain and tension can be counteracted

  • Fruit Basket

Creates healthy diet options

  • Free Drinks

Makes it easier for employees to drink enough on a regular basis

  • Showing the Successes of the Work

Emolyees realise that their work is relevant and important; motivates and increases satisfaction

  • Training for Excecutives

Excecutives are sensitised to the topic and receive concrete tips on how to behave

  • Return to Work Talks After Sick Leave

Erkennung und Beseitigung von arbeitsbedingten Krankheitsgründen

  • Performance Reviews

Detection and elimination of work-related reasons for illness

  • Health Check-Ups

Emplyees are made aware of individual health risks; motivated to implement appropriate measures to eliminate the risks

  • Organisation of Sports Groups

Motivated to do sports; improves the working atmosphere

  • Seminars for Employees on Health Topics

Raising awareness of health issues; imparting concrete health-promoting knowledge for action

  • Health Days

Creates access to health issues; raises awareness of health issues; imparts knowledge on health topics

  • Coporate Fitness Events

Motivates employees to partake in sports

  • Coorperation with Fitness Studios

Erleichtert Zugang zu Sport


BGM is not nice-to-have, but an absoloute must!

Health is not a matter of course and should not be treated as such. That is why we at Salvia building technologies focus entirely on the satisfaction of our employees. We also include them in the systematic further development of our corporate health management. Only with healthy employees can we bring buildings to life and ultimately make our customers happy.


Briefly explained: What is BGM?

Occupational health management summarises all measures that serve to maintain and promote the health of employees. The goal is to create a health-promoting and sustainable environment in which employees can work healthily and efficiently in the long term. The focus is on various areas:

  • Physical health, especially back health
  • Nutrition and catering
  • Mental health and stress management und Stressbewältigung
  • Employee management
  • Compatibility of family and work


Overworked or insufficiently challenged employees are more likely to be stressed, demotivated, or ill. To avoid these effects, we at Salvia building technologies put the well-being of our employees first and focus on health promotion. In this way, we create the basis for satisfied, healthy, and productive employees who feel good and enjoy working for us.


The Corporate Health Award lets us look to the future

By winning the Corporate Health Award, we can call occupational health management at Salvia building technologies excellent in the truest sense of the word. As an innovative and forward-looking company, we do not want to rest on our laurels, but continue to promote health in the company.

Of course, we will always look back with pleasure on the receipt of this important award, but we are used to looking ahead and continuing to break new ground in health management in the future. Because what counts for us, in the end, is not the one-off appearance on the very big stage, but healthy and satisfied employees in our company in the long term. Because that is how we win every day anew!