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I&C- and Electrical Engineering

green energy

Energy management with remarkable results

The power supply of the future

As a result of the ever-growing advocacy and awareness for environmentalism, the demand for energy-saving power supply has skyrocketed. We make sure that you utilize electrical energy efficiently. Intelligent control and sensors ensure that your usage is optimally tailored to your company’s needs.



Immediately after the transformation of light energy into electrical power through solar cells, you positively influence your environmental balance. Here it is important to comprehensively assess needs and demands. This is the only way to ensure optimal design and dimensioning for your object/property.

Charging stations

Because the number of electric cars is increasing steadily, Salvia sets up charging stations in public as well as in private buildings. It is important to choose the right components -  therefore we advise you.

LEED certification: This is the standard we are ready to be measured up to

The certification "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" implies sustainable building design. By documenting, managing, and improving all energy deployments, we play a key role in helping your property earn this coveted distinction.

DGNB certification

In this certification, different sustainability criteria are assessed, such as ecology and economy of raw materials and equipment. Our commercial and technical project managers ensure that you can be awarded silver, gold, or platinum status.