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I&C- and Electrical Engineering

Smart Building

Intelligent building networking for all necessities


Regarding the installation of electrotechnical equipment for living and office buildings, Smart Building is a hot topic. Smart Building is the intelligent networking of, for example, roller shutters and heating systems via building automation systems or the Internet of Things (IoT). Salvia is there for you, in the smart building sector with professional, reliable, and innovative solutions.



With the KNX standard for building automation, lighting, heating, and ventilation, for example, can be centrally controlled and interconnected in the smart building. The field bus system is the most reliable, contemporary, and open solution in professional Smart Homes or other smart buildings. More than 300 manufacturers offer KNX products that are certified through a rigorous testing process by the KNX Association.



LON (Local Operating Network) is also a standard for a field bus in building automation. It is mainly used for larger construction projects and trades in the commercial sector with a focus on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.



In addition to the fixed and wired building automation systems, we developed our own app. The LuCas app is an smart-office-app which can be used to optimally design your work environment. Using the app, it is possible to gain acces to the building, book meeting rooms, find a desk that suits your needs for the day, control lighting conditions and much more.


We will be happy to find out together which solution is the right one for your requirements. Just get in touch with us!