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I&C- and Electrical Engineering

Lightning systems

Whether exterior facades, office spaces, or event halls – we let a light shine on your object


Lighting & Lighting Control

Good lighting does not attract attention. Bad lighting, however, does greatly. Our experts have in-depth knowledge on how to create the right light for every occasion. This way, employees and visitors feel comfortable in your rooms and stay awake longer thanks to professional artificial light. Exterior lights are the hallmarks of a house, therefore a careful selection of lighting fixtures is very important. Functional and decorative lighting fixtures ideally merge. We install all common Binary Unit Systems, thus you can control your lights depending on the daylight and save electricity.


LED – lighting technology

The high purchase price of high-quality LEDs pays off due to their low power consumption, as well as their service life of up to 50,000 hours. Besides is LED-technology incredibly flexible. From company signs to shop windows and office lighting to street lamps – LED can be used in numerous fields of application. Salvia plans and installs every area of application for you.